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Champaro has been specialized in the world of perfumes concentrate made in Gardanne the south of France, intended for the big brands present on the international market. So why not you ? it's your turn to become one of our wholesale perfume concentrate reseller. Our olfactory creations will conquer the hearts of your audience who come to discover exceptional perfumes from flower

How its made

It is the oils derived from nature’s plant and flower material that are used to make perfume. There are six methods by which oils are extracted from plants. These include: steam distillation, boiling, solvent extraction, enfleurage, maceration and expression. In the first method, steam passing through the plant material turns the essential oil into gas, which is then passed through tubes, cooled and liquefied. In the boiling process, oils can be extracted by boiling flower petals in water.

In the case of solvent extraction, flowers are placed in large rotating tanks and benzene or petroleum ether is poured over them, which extracts the essential oils.

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